Fair Skin Makeup Favorites

For anyone that has fair skin, you know how difficult it is to find makeup that works for you. Especially for highlighting and contouring. Too dark and your face looks dirty, too much shimmer and your'e a glittered mess!

These three have worked wonders for me lately! 

This Bobby Brown eye shadow adds the perfect amount of warmth without being orange. This NYX eye shadow, used as a highlighter, adds the perfect glow to porcelain skin without being too much.  I had trouble finding the NYX eye shadow in stores, I'd recommend ordering online (seriously I tried 5 stores before I found it). Concealers are always difficult because they are never light enough. This formula from NARS is top-rated and the perfect shade! 

My all-time favorite fair skin makeup find is NARS Sheer Glow in "Siberia". It is the ultimate porcelain skin foundation.  

I hope this post helps even just one girl with fair skin find makeup that works! Feel free to ask me any questions XO


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