Weekend in Tampa

Brunch at the Oxford Exchange was absolutely amazing. The food and the service was wonderful, everything was so fresh. 

Taylor Swift was absolutely amazing!!! Our seats were in the right side of the pit, we were so close! I have never been so close to the stage for a concert, it was an awesome experience. 

Most of the outfits my friends & I wore, were all from Necessary Clothing! They have the best selection of unique party outfits! Their sizing is consistent & the quality is excellent. 

The black over the knee boots I'm wearing are my absolute favorite. I ordered these from ASOS because of the price (only $89). I thought for sure I would return them because I didn't think they would fit well. If over the knee boots are too loose, the entire look doesn't work. I was so excited when they fit perfectly! I wore them all weekend. They were an excellent alternative to wearing heels every night & they went perfectly with a skirt & a bodysuit. The boots keep selling out, but right now they are in stock {here}.



  1. LOVE your outfits from this weekend! I actually went to Tampa too for the concert, and Taylor was incredible. So jealous of how close you were!

    Mackenzie | www.mackenziekendall.com

    1. Aw thank you so much! No way?! That's awesome, I hope you had the best time in Tampa!


  2. I've heard Taylor puts on a pretty amazing concert, glad you got to see her. Great outfits! For a second I though I was looking at a Tory Burch Miller sandals convention. Great looks for you and all your friends!