Living Proof + Bubble Braid

Braids are definitely my favorite Summer up-do. I start this style by dutch braiding the front section of my hair to the side. I braid until I pass my right ear then add it to the rest of my hair on the left side. I split this hair into two sections. Tie one section off with a clear elastic. Make a hole above this elastic & pull the other section of hair through. Repeat this process with hair ties until you reach the bottom. The key to this hair style is pulling everything apart. Start by pulling apart the dutch braid, then continue pulling the loops of the bubble braid. 

This Humidity Shield spray from Living Proof is the absolute best! I love how it smells & I spray it on all of my braids when I am finished styling them. This spray keeps the braids from frizzing & the formula is weightless. This spray is also amazing on curls!

I use the humidity shield spray in conjunction with the anti-frizz shampoo & conditioner. I love that Living Proof products are sulfate free & are safe to use on highlighted hair. Right now Nordstrom has  a set of these three products on major markdown! HERE


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