Agenda Season

It's agenda season & this year I chose a Lilly!

I chose a large Lilly agenda in the print "Pink Lemonade" 

There are so many different agendas out there & after having this Kate Spade last year (below), I was ready for another Lilly

While I loved my Kate last year, I did miss how fun & printed every page is inside the Lilly agendas. 

**inside of my Kate Spade (very editorial & the pages are clean)

**inside of my Lilly

*every page is different & every month has a new theme

I use an agenda every year to keep track of work, events, & birthdays. 

Last year, I had the gold polka dot agenda from Kate Spade, it was very simple & refined. This year I wanted something with a little more color. I decided on the large agenda in the print "Pink Lemonade". This size is perfect because it isn't huge, but there is still lots of room to write. 

Honestly, you can't go wrong with any of these!

Since I have only ever purchased two types of agendas, HERE is a more comprehensive blog post comparison.