DIY Shellac Manicure with CND

I can't believe it has been a full two years since I started doing my own shellac manicures at home. By now I have tried lots of brands & lots of colors. The best brand I have ever used is CND which I purchase on Amazon. This is the original UV lamp I purchased & it is still going strong (it has a 2 minute timer, so convenient). All products will be linked at the bottom. 

These are a few of my absolute favorite colors (what's on my nails 90% of the time). Listed in order of favoritism: 

Romantique Super soft pale pink/neutral that looks very clean & polished
Fedora A super dark but not black brown/deep maroon 
Wildfire Classic red
Gotcha Salmon pink & great for spring
Cake Pop Pale pink with a hint of lavender that looks just like a Starbucks birthday cake pop
Lobster Roll bright red with orange undertones great for Summer
Tutti Frutti Classic Barbie pink

I work by completing one hand at a time. Clean each nail surface with isopropyl alcohol (70%). Begin with one thin coat of the base coat. Cure this under the UV lamp for 30 seconds. Next apply a thin coat of the color (I used my fav "Romantique" for the demonstration). Cure for 2 minutes. Apply a second coat & cure for 2 minutes. For this color I like 3 coats but that is optional. Cure for 2 minutes after 3rd coat. Apply top coat & cure for 2 minutes. Take a cotton ball lightly soaked in alcohol and wipe the top of each nail. Voila! Your nails are polished & dry!

My polish stays on for 1-2 weeks with no chips & high shine! In my 2 years experience, I have never gone back to regular polish. This method also works for pedicures. 

Please comment if you have any questions! **coffee mug here



**All opinions are my own. CND did not sponsor this post

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