Feature: Forevery Moment Etsy Shop

In my week of wedding fun, I want to introduce you to an Etsy shop owner & friend! Valerie has lots of custom wedding cards in her shop & they sparkle!

Meet Valerie:

Hey guys! I’m Valerie, Etsy shop owner of Forevery Moment. Co. I am super hands-on and can't sit still -unless I’m soaking in the sun in this awesome Naples, FL weather!  I love creating and doing projects that have to do with photography, glitter, and anything gold! 

How did Forevery Moment .Co come about?

Once I became engaged, I was so excited to ask my ladies to be my bridesmaids and I wanted a completely custom way to ask them to be a part of my special day. So I was walking up and down all the craft store’s aisles and my FAVORITE color, a mint green vellum paper, caught my attention and it was right next to the glittery gold paper, which I am also obsessed with. It was “mint to be.” I purchased the mint vellum, gold glitter paper, card stock, and some scrapbook glue, typed up a little something for each bridesmaid, found a way to use all my pretty paper and that’s that! I had so much fun making them that I told my husband it’d be fun to make them for other bride-to-bes. He suggested I list my cards, so I did, and I’ve been selling them since January 15, 2014….just hit the 1 year mark!

If you were to peruse my shop, what would you see?

1. "Will you be my Bridesmaid?!" Cards - completely customized cards

2."Stand Up with Me - Groomsmen" Cards - funny yet “manly” groomsmen cards. We all know it can be hard for men to be all mushy so this card tells their guys, rather than asks them to be in their party

3."Will you be my Flower Girl?!" Cards – a pretty poem to pop the question

4. Bridal Shower Games - no handing out games like an instructor, these are part of the décor and are super fun games!

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