Coffee Bar: Nespresso Citiz

It's no surprise, I love coffee! It's really weird though, I didn't start drinking coffee until my last semester in college. I love bold intense coffee, so I started researching espresso machines. A few of my friends had Nespresso machines & they loved them so I decided to get one! Let me tell you, this little machine is amazing! It is so compact & it brews the perfect shot of espresso, for an anytime of day pick-me-up.  

Unless you live in NYC near their boutique, ordering the espresso pods is done online. The shipping is so fast I usually order late afternoon & it shows up on my doorstep the next morning. Here are a few of my favorites; I use the OriginalLine because my machine is the Citiz

Nespresso Flat White Recipe:

(1) Brew one shot of Ristretto (2) Froth milk with the latte whisk (3) Pour hot milk over the espresso holding back the foam 

This has been my go to drink as of lately! Do you have a Nespresso? What are your favorite recipes & varieties?

PS- They literally just added a bunch of decaf flavors! Perfect for after dinner {here}

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