Devon Alana Hair Essentials

Blonde Brightener || If you are a blonde like me, these crystals by Malibu work wonders between salon visits. Let the crystals soak into wet hair for 5 minutes in the shower for instantly brighter blonde hair.

Hard Water Repair || If you wash your hair with hard water, a lot of minerals can build up over time. If you have light blonde hair this may cause it to turn green. I use these hard water repair crystals to take out any mineral build up.

Curling Iron || I have tried many fancy curling irons, but I always come back to this basic Conair 3/4 inch iron. I use the iron like a wand wrapping my hair around the barrel. Once my curls have cooled, I brush them out.  {the best part, its under $25}

Hair Spray || After my curls are brushed out, I use TRESemme hair spray to set them

Shampoo & Conditioner || Morracain oil shampoo & conditioner have been my products of choice for the last year now. This brand does not have sulfates so the products are gentle on your hair.

Bobby Pins || You can never go wrong with a few bobby pins to create your favorite hair style.

Tiny Elastics || There is nothing I hate more than a gorgeous braid that ends with a massive hair tie. I love these tiny rubber bands because they disappear at the end of my braids.

Heat Protectant || This is the best heat protectant I have found & it smells amazing.

Hair Dryer || This high powered dryer gets my hair dry quick!

Comment if you have any questions about products!


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