Steel & Hardwood Garment Rack DIY

 Galvanized steel & hardwood garment rack on wheels. Wardrobe your weekly outfits or use it for extra storage! Going on a trip? Pull outfits to prepare for packing! Here are the simple steps for assembling your garment rack. 

DIY: You will need
-2 galvanized steel poles & 1 cross piece
-Hardwood base
-4 Wheels
-2 Steel elbow joints
-24 Screws
-Power drill

Purchase the kit {HERE}

Screw together the elbow joints and the steel poles

Attach the flanges to the galvanized steel rack

Screw in the flanges to the pre-drilled hardwood

Lay the rack & hardwood piece on its side to screw in the wheels

Stain or paint the hardwood!


  1. I saw this on your Pinterest earlier and thought it was so clever! I love that you put the kit together for your shop too!

    xo Vanessa

    1. Thanks girl! I thought it would be easy for people to just buy a kit! I was so excited to finally make one. :)


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