Seersucker Skirt Re-Fashion DIY

So, this pink seersucker skirt wasn't always this cute...

Here's how the skirt looked when I thrifted it for $5. It had the perfect waistband, gorgeous material, & pockets! However, it was an awful length. 

{When looking for a skirt to re-fashion find something that fits well & has potential. Length is always an easy fix}

I compared the length to a skirt I owned to determine how much fabric to cut off.

Start by cutting of a little fabric at a time. You can always cut more! I tried the skirt on and pinned it under once to a length that  I was happy with. 

Turn the skirt inside out.

Cut excess fabric. I left about an inch of fabric to hem with. 

Fold the fabric over twice & pin it. 

Iron the edge to make sewing easier.

Straight stitch the hem all the way around. 

& You're done!!

Skirt || Thrifted
Top || Lilly Pulitzer "Shay Top"
Shoes & Belt || Lilly Pulitzer "Resort Wedges"
Purse || Louis Vuitton "Speedy 25"


  1. I love the Bow Belt reversed like you have it! I never thought to put the bow in back, but it's an unexpected touch!