Diamond Monograms For Oxfords

Ever since I bought this diamond monogram font on Etsy from Rivermill Embroidery Designs, I have been anxious to try it out! I thought this diamond style was so classic & perfect for my Ralph Lauren oxfords. 

I embroidered the underside of the sleeve cuff next to the button hole. The initials can be seen when I roll it up like this. 
Check out the College Prepster for her tutorial.


  1. Love this so much!! Diamond monograms are perfect.

  2. So cute! What type of monogram machine do you use? Any recommendations on brands?

    1. Thanks!! I actually have a blog post about my machine!


      Let me know if you have any questions!

  3. Love these mini monograms! I just got an embroidery machine and am trying to figure out how to monogram the cuff of a jacket. Do you know how to or do you know of any tutorials? Thanks!