New Embroidery Machine

A few weeks ago I decided to upgrade my sewing machine to a machine that sews and embroiders! I am absolutely loving it! I decided to get the Designer Topaz 20 by Husqvarna from my local JoAnn fabrics. I have spent a lot of time using it and it's wonderful! I must admit I was nervous it would be complicated and confusing. I have been pleasantly surprised by how user friendly the machine is.

This is my workstation! My small apartment bedroom has been taken over by my "Etsy Factory". I try to keep everything super organized since there are a lot of supplies I need to have.

This pallet was recycled and I use it as a craft surface. It is nice because I am not afraid to mess it up with my hot glue and paint.

These boxes are from Ikea and I use them to organize my thread. In my mason jars, I keep hair clips and glue sticks for my hot glue gun. The lamp & potted plants are also from Ikea.

I picked up these drawers from a thrift store and they really help to keep all my supplies organized.

 Do any of you have an embroidery machine? What does your craft space look like?


  1. Hi Devon, I have just moved to New Zealand from Georgia, and no one monograms here, so I was wondering if you could recommend a machine that I should purchase? I don't want anything too expensive, but I want it to be simple to use. And I looove your bows! Everything is appreciated :)

  2. Oh! Sad no one monograms! I absolutely love mine! It is the designer topaz 20 by husqvarna. It is quite the investment though:/ I really haven't seen any for cheap since it is such a sophisticated machine. I highly recommend mine though! Very user friendly. Thanks so much!

  3. Hey Devon,

    What type of embroidery machine did you use before and what made you upgrade?


    1. Before this machine, I just had a sewing machine (one that did not embroider). I had the Husqvarna Emerald 116. I loved it but I was ready for a machine that could embroider. Also, The Designer Topaz 20 is a much better sewing machine.

  4. Here's a treat for all of you dear readers to start the new week: a free embroidery pattern taken from the 1950s hat bag I wrote about in my last post. Lisa W. Degregorio

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