DIY Monogram Seersucker Scarf

I made this scarf from light blue seersucker I picked up at my local Jo Ann Fabrics. To make my fabric softer, I soaked my piece of fabric in water then let it air dry to give it a more bumpy feel than the piece of fabric on the right. This is optional! :)

I decided I wanted my scarf to be an infinity scarf. The piece of fabric I used was 48 inches long by 18 inches wide. When complete, my scarf measured 46 inches around and 8 inches wide.

Before I sewed my scarf together, I used my 120x120 hoop and my circle script font to add a monogram that measured 3 inches. I monogrammed the fabric in the center about 11inches from the top of the piece. 

*Before I had an embroidery machine, I would take pieces of fabric to be monogrammed at an embroidery shop! This is still a very good option for this scarf! Just ask them to embroider a 3 inch monogram 11 inches from the top of your piece!

After embroidery, fold your fabric in half so the long edges meet with the monogram in the middle. Stitch up the side. Turn the scarf inside out and stitch up the ends to form the circle.

Here is the finished product! I fashioned the scarf with a forever 21 navy v-neck, Lilly Pulitzer jeans, Gianni Bini boots, and a Michael Kors gold tote.


  1. what kind of embroiderer do you own?

    1. I have a blog Post about my machine! Let me know if you have any questions!

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  3. I found your tutorial using a Google search. I am fairly new to machine embroidery but am about to try monogramming some towels for my son and his future wife. The towels are red and beige, and I had planned to use beige thread on the red towels and red thread on the beige towels. But then I thought about how the back would look since I've always used white bobbin thread in the bobbin. Should/can I use the same thread top and bottom, or is this a no-no? And am I over thinking this?!? LOL Thanks for your help and your tutorial!

    1. Thanks so much for reading! When I embroider towels I don't ever think about the bobbin thread color, I just use white! Hope this helps :)

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