Strapless Dress

This dress was pretty simple and did not require a lot of fabric! I started with some light blue cotton material that was not stiff, but still had some weight to it. I used roughly 2 yards.

I started with a strip for my waistband.

I measured my waist and added a few inches I also doubled the width. Sew into a tube, then iron flat.

Turn it inside-out.

Cut a piece of fabric for the skirt in a rectangle that is twice your waist and for the width measure from you waist to where you would like your dress to sit above you knee. Add 4 inches to that width. Set your machine to a high tension and a high stitch length and sew across the top to ruffle the skirt.

Spread the skirt piece out to match the length of your waistband. 

Match up the waistband like so, right side of the waistband to right side of the skirt.

Next, to estimate the top piece I measured across my chest and added a few inches. 

I scalloped the bottom and the top. I cut two identical pieces.

I then sewed them together then turned them inside out.

Here are the pieces to my dress so far.

Next I cut out pieces to connect the front to the back of the dress. I used my mannequin to guide me.

I ruffled the front piece and attached it to the back piece.

I stitched it to the waist band then added an invisible zipper to the back of the dress.

Then, I folded the bottom of the dress and hemmed it.

I made this dress to wear to a Rascal Flatts concert! 


  1. Very cute! What kind of mannequin do you use? Is the the kind that adjusts to your size? I would like to learn to sew using one instead of patterns bc I can never find exactly what I want!

  2. Thank you! Yes, I use an adjustable mannequin from JoAnn Fabrics Craft Store. I set it to my size and use it instead of a pattern! It works well for me, I would highly suggest using one.