DIY Preppy Dog Collar

This DIY preppy dog collar really is rather simple!

-Dog collar 
-fusible interfacing 
-1/4 yard of fabric (I chose pink seersucker)
-sewing machine

Choose your dog collar in the size you need. Doesn't matter what color!

Here is my fabric and a somewhat stiff piece of fusible interfacing.

**Make sure you take a picture of the dog collar before you cut it for future reference of how it goes together.

Cut your collar to use it as a guide.

The length of your fabric should be just longer than the length of the collar. The width needs to be four times the width of the collar.

Cut a piece of fusible interfacing to match and iron it to your fabric piece with steam.

First, fold your piece in half to find the center of the width. Iron it to make a nice crease. Next, fold each side into the middle line and iron into place. Then fold in half and iron. Sew along the edge with a straight stitch.

Use your picture so you know how the collar fits together with the pieces.

Sew into place. Add a bow-tie bow with hot-glue!

Now you have an adorable fully functional dog collar with style!

If you would rather purchase a collar head over to my Etsy Shop! I have some for sale. You choose the color and the size!


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