How to Make Jeans Into Skinny Jeans

First start with a pair of jeans that fit you well but are baggy around the ankle. You will also need a pair of skinny jeans that you like. 

Turn both pairs inside out.
Lay the skinny jeans on top of the baggy jeans. 

Draw a line with chalk using the skinny jeans that fit you well as a guide. The chalk line will run into the seam of the baggy pants near the knee or thigh area. *Note, on my jeans, the new seam is the outer seam of the pant leg. 
Place pins between both layers of the baggy jeans so the fabric stays in place while sewing. 

Sew with a straight stitch over the chalk line, removing the pins along the way. For best results, use a needle specifically made for jean material. I used regular thread. 

Try your new jeans on to see how they fit! Before cutting make sure you like them, stitches can always be undone ;) *Note, some jeans have more stretch than others so this is an important step. 

Now you can cut the excess!
Now they are skinny jeans!

Much better!



  1. I'm about to do this to some maternity jeans, but I'm having trouble with the pinning. The flare is on the double seam (the other side is straight). Also, the jeans I'm using as a template are my regular size. I laid them on top of my maternity jeans and they are 3 inches wider in the hips. Bleck. So my template is more of a guideline. I don't think I want to make the leg quite as skinny as my regular jeans bc it won't be proportionate. Or do I? The other pair flares to both sides. So once again I'll be sewing on the double seam. Won't that be noticeable?