Game Day Bows!

To make the bows, you will need ribbon, a lighter, barrettes, hot glue gun, scissors, a straight pin, a piece of card stock, a needle, and matching thread.

The card stock I used was just a greeting card that measured about 4 1/2 inches wide. The wider the card stock the bigger the bow. 

Start your bow by placing the ribbon as so, on the card stock.

Continue by wrapping the ribbon around the card stock 3 times.

Slip the ribbon off the card stock and place your straight pin through the center.

Fan out each loop of the bow until it looks the way you want it. Keep the straight pin through the center of the bow.

Next, sew down the middle of the bow with long stitches. 
It's hard to see the stitches but they are directly down the center of the bow.


When you get the the bottom, pull the string tight, being careful not to break the thread. The bow will bunch and start to come together. Wrap the thread around the bow and tie a knot to secure the center. 

Cut the ends to the desired length and quickly run the lighter over the raw edges to melt/secure the ribbon so it doesn't unravel. 

Here is a mini bow made the same way.

Here, I hot glued a small bow onto a larger one.

Here is an orange bow with the stitches before they are pulled tight.

Wrap a piece around the center of your bow to give it a finished look. 

If you would rather have me create you a custom game day bow, head on over to my Etsy shop!