Dressy Blue Dress

The fabric I used for this dress was a silky thin material from JoAnn Fabrics. Anything flowy will work!

First, I spread out the fabric and cut two pieces into this general shape. Don't worry about the length of the dress for now. I would suggest 1.5 inches times your waist for the width of the dress then add a little for each sleeve. 

Pin the dress right sides together and sew up the sides all the way to the sleeve opening. Also sew the top of each sleeve until it meets the neck. Leave the sleeves, neckline, and bottom of the dress open. 

If you have one, place the dress on a mannequin inside out. Roll the neckline over twice and pin. Stitch. 

After you have tried your dress on, decide where you want the length to be and hem the bottom, rolling it up twice to conceal exposed edges of the fabric. 

Roll the sleeves over twice while the dress is inside out and sew. 
Sew together a sash and you're

All done!

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