DIY Wall Monogram

Ok, so I can't say this was the easiest project, but I can say I LOVE the finished product and it was dirt cheap! It really can't be beat if you are wanting a custom wall monogram but don't have tons of money to spend!! (This really cost me less than 5$!)

I started by searching for a monogram font. The one I ended up using is Monogram kk  <-----which I downloaded for free!

I used foam core board and sketched out each letter in pencil trying not to make the skinny parts of each letter too thin. 

Here's the tricky part...Carefully use an x-acto knife to cut each letter out. Warning: This may cause blisters, take your time! :)

After cutting each letter out, the edges end up rather rough. I used some sand paper to smooth the edges.

Finished letters!

I used interior paint I already had to paint each letter.

If any of your foam letters break because you made parts too thin,  use a thin piece of wood and wood glue to stabilize it.

Each letter can be made glossy by applying Mod Podge or any other acrylic top coat. 

Yay! I love the finishing touch it adds to my striped wall!
Since the letters are so light-weight, I used some adhesive tape to hang them.


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