DIY Vera Bradley Camera Strap

For this project you will need fabric of your choice, and some fusible interfacing.

The fabric I used is this Very Berry Paisley print by Vera Bradley! I ordered it off Ebay.
Measure your camera strap width and add 1.5 inches.

Cut two strips in this width, or in my case three since my fabric piece wasn't long enough. Also, cut identical strips of the interfacing.

Iron the pattern strips to the matching strips of the fusible interfacing.

Since my strips were not long enough, I had to seam two together. 

I ironed out the seam where the two pieces meet.

Next, measure how long your camera strap is and cut your pieces accordingly, leave a little extra to fold over the edge. You will have a total of two long strips.

OPTIONAL: "Quilt" your strips however you would like to. I chose to do four straight lines of stitching. 

At the end of each strip, fold back the edge and sew. 

Now, pin together your two strips. With a piece of chalk (mine is in blue), draw where you are going to sew, leaving enough room for your original camera strap to fit inside. Sew where you marked!

Turn your strap inside out, & you're finished!!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! Love love love it! Great job :)

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