DIY Camera Bag From Purse

 Start with any bag you would like that you can fit your camera into.

-Thin foam
-Sewing machine
-Fabric of your choice(about 1.5 yards)
-Matching thread
-Ribbon (OPTIONAL)

I started with a piece of foam that would fit the bottom of my purse, to cushion the camera. 

I measured and cut a piece of fabric a little more than twice the size of the foam. 

Eyeball how much space the foam will need inside the fabric. Place pins here. Next stitch up the side. Turn the fabric inside out and carefully place the foam inside. 

Pin the sides and stitch them.

Check for a good fit in the bottom of your bag.

Here are all the pieces I made. 

-Bottom piece
-Large surrounding piece
-Piece folded in half secured with velcro
-Rectangle sewn into a cylinder to surround the lens.

Around the lens, I added a decorative bow!