Burlap Jewelry Holder

This is a framed burlap/cork board  jewelry holder I made that only cost a couple bucks.

I started with a thrift store frame, any size will do. I painted the frame this light turquoise. 

This is the burlap I used, it was under $1 for this small amount at Joann Fabrics.

Also from Joann's is this cork board that comes in a roll. I hot glued the cork to a piece of cardboard that fit the frame. I used cork board so I would be able to push my post earrings into the cork since they can't hang like dangle earrings. The cork board is optional.

I found some hooks in my garage to hang my necklaces on!

Next, I used a hot glue gun to adhere the burlap to the card board/ cork board.

After, I pushed the hooks into the cork board.

All done & ready for jewelry!